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The Açaí da Amazônia Group has been operating in the market for over 15 years. Bellamazon has been operating since 2008, enabling a safer and more sustainable production of açaí. In our cultivation, we reproduce the agricultural practices used for centuries by the natives of the Amazon region, in perfect harmony with nature and valuing local knowledge and culture. The union of popular knowledge and appreciation of local culture with modern technologies for the processing of açaí makes Bellamazon products organic and sustainable.

With the objective of specializing in the production and processing of organic açaí, we acquired an area for the cultivation of açaí. The island where we grow the fruit is located in the estuary of the Amazon River, in the municipality of Curralinho, located in the micro-region of Marajó, in Pará. After extraction, the açaí fruits are transported immediately, in our own vessel, to our factory. Thus increasing the quality of our products and guaranteeing the traceability of the fruit.

Our factory is located in Marituba, in the State of Pará. The entire project, creation and production of the machinery used in the production of açaí pulp is developed by the company itself with the objective of constantly improving our production. That's why we have an equipment factory where the production machines are assembled according to our needs and the reality of the açaí production process, which guarantees greater efficiency in cleaning the fruit and, consequently, quality in the final product.

The Açaí

Some of its benefits

In 100g of frozen açaí pulp you will find:





What does he do for your health:

Decreases cholesterol

Cancer prevention

Alzheimer's Prevention

Heart Health


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We establish standards and maintain the level of quality in the manufacturing processes of products, it is a way of guaranteeing the best possible execution of our activity. We know that this directly impacts the satisfaction of our customers.


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